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2009 Jun 10   category: Latest News   author:  

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2015 August: What’s On Worldwide

2015 Jul 25   category: Global Culture   author:  

August is just full of independence days when people around the world commemorate events that are significant to them and their nation. Benin and Switzerland get the ball rolling on the first of the month. If you have close friends from those countries then take a look around FlagAndMap’s Benin or Switzerland departments for fun gift ideas that reference their respective countries.

Aug 1: Independence Day (Benin); National Day (Switzerland)
Aug 3: Independence Day (Niger)
Aug 5: Independence Day (Burkina Faso)
Aug 6: Independence Day (Bolivia, Jamaica)
Aug 7: Independence Day (Cote d’Ivoire)
Aug 9: National Day (Singapore)
Aug 10: Independence Day (Ecuador)
Aug 11: Independence Day (Chad)
Aug 13: Independence Day (Centrafrique)
Aug 14: Independence Day (Pakistan)
Aug 15: Independence Day (Congo-Brazzaville, India); National Day (Liechtenstein); Liberation Day (South Korea)
Aug 16: Restoration Day (Dominican Republic)
Aug 17: Independence Day (Gabon, Indonesia)
Aug 19: Independence Day (Afghanistan)
Aug 20: St. Stephen’s Day (Hungary)
Aug 24: Independence Day (Ukraine)
Aug 25: Independence Day (Uruguay)
Aug 27: Independence Day (Moldova)
Aug 29: National Uprising Day (Slovakia)
Aug 31: Hari Merdeka (Malaysia); Independence Day (Kyrgyzstan, Trinidad and Tobago)

2015 July: What’s On Worldwide

2015 Jun 25   category: Global Culture   author:  

For French people July will likely bring to mind what English speakers call Bastille Day, which occurs on the 14th. This is the French National Day, which commemorates the storming of the Bastille in 1789 at the start of the French Revolution. It would be a good time to enjoy the company of your French friends and show appreciation for the values of liberty, equality and fraternity. The list below notes the dates of many other national days that occur in July – follow the links to browse FlagAndMap products for the selected nation.

Jul 1: Canada Day; Independence Day (Burundi, Rwanda); Territory Day (British Virgin Islands)
Jul 3: Independence Day (Belarus)
Jul 4: Independence Day (United States)
Jul 5: Independence Day (Algeria, Cape Verde, Venezuela)
Jul 6: Independence Day (Comoros, Malawi)
Jul 7: Independence Day (Solomon Is.)
Jul 9: Ramadan begins; Independence Day (Argentina, South Sudan)
Jul 10: Independence Day (Bahamas)
Jul 11: Naadam begins (Mongolia)
Jul 12: Independence Day (Kiribati, Sao Tome and Principe)
Jul 14: Bastille Day (France)
Jul 18: Eid al-Fitr
Jul 20: Independence Day (Colombia)
Jul 21: National Day (Belgium); Liberation Day (Guam)
Jul 23: Revolution Day (Egypt)
Jul 25: Constitution Day (Puerto Rico)
Jul 26: Independence Day (Liberia, Maldives)
Jul 28: Independence Day (Peru)
Jul 30: Independence Day (Vanuatu)

2015 June: What’s On Worldwide

2015 May 25   category: Global Culture   author:  

June 12th would be a good time to connect with friends from the Philippines or Russia as that will be when they celebrate their nations’ independence days. You could even create a personalized FlagAndMap t-shirt so they will be suitably attired for the occasion. Several other national days also fall in June as noted below.

Jun 1: Independence Day (Samoa)
Jun 2: Republic Day (Italy)
Jun 5: Constitution Day (Denmark)
Jun 6: National Day (Sweden)
Jun 10: Portugal Day
Jun 12: Independence Day (Philippines); Russia Day
Jun 14: Liberation Day (Falkland Is.)
Jun 17: National Day (Iceland)
Jun 18: National Day (Seychelles)
Jun 21: Summer Solstice; Ullortuneq (Greenland)
Jun 23: National Day (Luxembourg)
Jun 25: Independence Day (Mozambique); Statehood Day (Slovenia)
Jun 26: Independence Day (Madagascar)
Jun 27: Independence Day (Djibouti)
Jun 30: Independence Day (Congo-Kinshasa)

2015 May: What’s On Worldwide

2015 Apr 25   category: Global Culture   author:  

Join people around the world on May 1st for May Day / Labor Day celebrations. Check the list below to see when else your global friends might be partying in May. There’s still plenty of time to select a gift featuring an Eritrean design to surprise your Eritrean friends when they celebrate their independence day on May 24th.

May 1: May Day / Labor Day; Constitution Day (Marshall Islands)
May 3: Vesak (Buddha Day)
May 15: Independence Day (Paraguay)
May 17: Constitution Day (Norway)
May 20: Independence Day (East Timor)
May 21: Independence Day (Montenegro)
May 22: Unity Day (Yemen)
May 24: Independence Day (Eritrea)
May 25: Independence Day (Jordan)
May 26: Independence Day (Georgia), (Guyana)
May 28: Derg Downfall Day (Ethiopia); Republic Day (Azerbaijan)
May 29: Republic Day (Nepal)

Make a Statement with your Shipping Labels

2015 Apr 09   category: New Products   author:  

Florida Faint Flag Shipping Label New Jersey Faint Flag Shipping Label

OK that’s a weak pun, but seriously, your small business ships a lot of items so why not give a shout out to your home state with each package. You can do so with our Faint Flag Shipping Labels, which allow you write or print the delivery addresses over a subtle imprint of a state flag.

The examples shown here are for New Jersey and Florida but they are available for all 50 states so just head over to our Famusa store to find a label for the state of your choice.

2015 April: What’s On Worldwide

2015 Mar 26   category: Global Culture   author:  

In case you missed the recent solar eclipse and you happen to be in the Pacific Rim you’ll have a chance to see a total lunar eclipse on April 4th. Five days later you can show some unity with Georgian friends as they celebrate their National Unity Day. Find something from the FladAndMap Georgian line to bring them good cheer. Several other national celebrations also occur in April as can be seen from the list below.

Apr 1: April Fools’ Day; Islamic Republic Day (Iran)
Apr 3: Passover begins
Apr 4: Total Lunar Eclipse; Independence Day (Senegal)
Apr 5: Easter Sunday (Western Christianity)
Apr 9: National Unity Day (Georgia)
Apr 12: Easter Sunday (Eastern Christianity)
Apr 17: Flag Day (American Samoa); Evacuation Day (Syria)
Apr 18: Independence Day (Zimbabwe)
Apr 23: St. George’s Day (England); Independence Day (Israel)
Apr 26: Union Day (Tanzania)
Apr 27: Freedom Day (South Africa); Independence Day (Togo); Koningsdag (Netherlands); Republic Day (Sierra Leone)

2015 March: What’s On Worldwide

2015 Feb 25   category: Global Culture   author:  

This year there will be a total solar eclipse coinciding with the vernal equinox but you’ll have to travel to the Faroe Islands to experience less than 3 minutes of totality. Alternatively you can stay at home and party with Greek friends as they celebrate their independence day five days later on March 25th. Pick up a FlagAndMap gift featuring a Greek design for this special occasion. Several other national celebrations also occur in March as can be seen from the list below.

Mar 1: Independence Day (Bosnia and Herzegovina); St. David’s Day (Wales)
Mar 6: Holi; Independence Day (Ghana)
Mar 11: Independence Day (Lithuania)
Mar 12: Independence Day (Mauritius)
Mar 17: St. Patrick’s Day (Ireland)
Mar 20: Vernal Equinox; Total Solar Eclipse (Faroe Is.); Independence Day (Tunisia)
Mar 21: Independence Day (Namibia)
Mar 23: Pakistan Day
Mar 25: Independence Day (Greece)
Mar 26: Independence Day (Bangladesh)
Mar 31: Freedom Day (Malta); Transfer Day (US Virgin Islands)

2015 February: What’s On Worldwide

2015 Feb 04   category: Global Culture   author:  

We trust the new year is treating you well so far. FlagAndMap plans to offer designs on a range of exciting new products in 2015, beginning with a new line of ring binders designed to give your office a slightly patriotic feel. In many parts of the world Mardi Gras will be celebrated in the coming month, on February 17, the same day that Kosovars celebrate their independence day. Other notable international dates in February are listed below – find a suitable FlagAndMap gift to help you celebrate using the national links. You can also plan further ahead by viewing the full list of 2015 world events.

Feb 4: National Day (Sri Lanka)
Feb 6: Waitangi Day (New Zealand)
Feb 7: Independence Day (Grenada)
Feb 11: Foundation Day (Japan)
Feb 14: Valentine’s Day
Feb 15: National Day (Serbia)
Feb 16: State Restoration Day (Lithuania)
Feb 17: Shrove Tuesday / Mardi Gras; Independence Day (Kosovo)
Feb 18: Independence Day (The Gambia)
Feb 19: New Year (Chinese calendar); Losar (Tibet)
Feb 22: Independence Day (Saint Lucia)
Feb 23: National Day (Brunei)
Feb 24: Independence Day (Estonia)
Feb 25: National Day (Kuwait)
Feb 27: Independence Day (Dominican Republic)

Statistics for a Fact Based World View

2014 Aug 12   category: World Affairs   author:  

Gapminder.org is a website that presents statistics on global economic development in a way that is entertaining and interesting. Their first challenge was to tap into those statistics, which are typically held by organizations such as the United Nations but are not generally presented in a way that captures the imagination. They then developed the Trendalyzer software, which presents that data in time lapse fashion and graphically illustrates key changes over time. Watch some of their videos and you may well come across some recent trends in global development that will surprise you.

Assessing Atrocities

2014 Aug 08   category: World Affairs   author:  

It is perhaps something we should all be more knowledgeable about – the sadly astonishing number of deaths caused by human directed activities throughout history. It has become a passion for Matthew White to trawl the available information and tally up which of humanity’s achievements has been the deadliest. His findings are published in his book Atrocitology, which is interesting to delve into but perhaps a bit too depressing to read in full. A brief analysis at the end might challenge a few misconceptions but the number one deadliest event will be no surprise – the second world war with 66 million deaths. Alternatively he suggests that several of the global conflicts during the 20th century could be grouped together as one interconnected ‘hemoclysm’ (Greek for blood flood) causing a total of 150 million deaths.

So is there any hope that the 21st century will be less deadly than the one before? It no doubt helps to understand just how deadly our past activities have been. On the other hand it may also help to recognize mankind’s most life-saving activities, for example the eradication of smallpox must surely have saved millions of lives.

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