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2009 Jun 10   category: Latest News   author:  

Want to keep track of what’s new at FlagAndMap? You’ve come to the right place! Stay informed about new products, current promotions and website enhancements. Be sure to use the ‘Latest News’ RSS feed for effortless monitoring of this information.

2014 International Events and Holidays

2014 Apr 15   category: Global Culture   author:  

This morning people in the Americas were able to observe a total lunar eclipse, weather permitting. People who reside around the Pacific Rim will have a similar opportunity on October 8. For a list of other noteworthy 2014 international events, including national holidays and religious festivals, check out our list of world events for 2014.

2014 Winter Olympics

2014 Feb 24   category: Latest News   author:  

Congratulations to all who took part in the Winter Olympics at Sochi and especially to those from the Russian Federation who pulled off a memorable national team performance. Indeed that nation can be said to have won, no matter how you look at the medals table. As to which nation came second, opinions may differ. We don’t, however, calculate a GDP adjusted ranking for the Winter Olympics as we do for the Summer Olympics because of the rather hard to measure ‘arctic’ or ‘alpine’ factor that impacts performance more than GDP. If a GDP adjustment were made, Norway would clearly be big winners, and they certainly benefit from the ‘arctic’ factor. So for the Winter Olympics we just sit back and enjoy our favorite events, like boardercross.

December 2013 Trivia Question

2013 Dec 06   category: Fun & Games   author:  

Q: This Himalayan kingdom is noted for its proactive conservation efforts – it has committed to maintain at least 60% of its territory as forest and has designated more than 40% as protected areas – which nation is it?

find the answer on our Trivia Page – there’s no prize; it’s just a bit of fun; something to stimulate your geographic imagination.

Wrap up the year with a gift

2013 Nov 25   category: Latest News   author:  

The year end is a great time for giving gifts. FlagAndMap products with global designs based on national flags and maps make ideal gifts for friends or colleagues around the world. Listed below are some specific national celebrations that occur in December prior to the end of the year when everyone welcomes a token of appreciation.

Dec 1: Great Union Day in Romania
Dec 2: National Day in Laos and the United Arab Emirates
Dec 5: The King’s Birthday in Thailand
Dec 6: Independence Day in Finland
Dec 12: Jamhuri Day in Kenya
Dec 16: Independence Day in Kazakhstan; National Day in Bahrain
Dec 17: National (Coronation) Day in Bhutan
Dec 18: National Day in Qatar
Dec 21: Independence Day in Nepal
Dec 25: Christmas celebrated by Western Christian communities

November 2013 Trivia Question

2013 Nov 01   category: Fun & Games   author:  

Q: On November 3, there will be a hybrid solar eclipse – what is a ‘hybrid’ solar eclipse?

find the answer on our Trivia Page – there’s no prize; it’s just a bit of fun; something to stimulate your geographic imagination.

November Lights

2013 Oct 26   category: Latest News   author:  

This year on November 3 the start of the Hindu festival of Diwali coincides with a solar eclipse. It’s appropriate perhaps that this ‘festival of lights’ will begin with the concealing and revealing of our brightest light. Regrettably most Hindus will not see this as the eclipse will occur mainly over the Atlantic and West Africa. Meanwhile Islamic communities welcome in a new year and several other countries celebrate national days in November, as listed below.

Nov 1: State Day in Antigua and Barbuda
Nov 3: Independence Day in Micronesia and Dominica; Separation Day in Panama
Nov 4: New Year in the Islamic calendar; National Day in Tonga
Nov 9: Independence Day in Cambodia
Nov 11: Independence Day in Angola and Poland
Nov 15: Independence Day in Palestine
Nov 18: Independence Day in Latvia and Morocco; National Day in Oman
Nov 19: National Day in Monaco
Nov 22: Independence Day in Lebanon
Nov 25: Independence Day in Suriname
Nov 28: Independence Day in Mauritania and Albania
Nov 30: Independence Day in Barbados; St. Andrew’s Day in Scotland

A Dot On The Map

2013 Oct 16   category: Latest News   author:  

What’s going on with our latest t-shirt designs? … they might drive you dotty! Take a look at the examples below. The images begin as just a few enlarged dots, which gradually multiply as the resoluton increases, until you get … a map of whichever US state you choose. Underneath is a ‘. . .’ followed by the name of the state. We think that text sounds good but it’s editable, so if you prefer a personalized slogan just go ahead and type it in before checkout. This apparel is available through our Famusa online store.

New York Dot Map T-ShirtIdaho Dot Map T-ShirtTexas Dot Map T-ShirtArizona Dot Map T-ShirtOhio Dot Map T-Shirt

… and here’s a close up of the Texas design:

Texas Dot Map Designs

October 2013 Trivia Question

2013 Oct 04   category: Fun & Games   author:  

Q: What is noteworthy about the lyrics to Spain’s national anthem, “La Marcha Real”?

find the answer on our Trivia Page – there’s no prize; it’s just a bit of fun; something to stimulate your geographic imagination.

October around the world

2013 Sep 25   category: Latest News   author:  

Several countries have interesting names for their national days but one of our favorites is that of Taiwan – Double Ten Day – which occurs (surprise!) on October 10. Get ready for festivities in October with Croatians, Germans, Nigerians, Ugandans and many more on the dates listed below.

Oct 1: Independence Day in Cyprus, Nigeria, Palau and Tuvalu; National Day in China
Oct 2: Independence Day in Guinea-Conakry
Oct 3: Independence Day in Iraq; Unity Day in Germany
Oct 4: Independence Day in Lesotho
Oct 8: Independence Day in Croatia
Oct 9: Independence Day in Uganda
Oct 10: Double Ten Day in Taiwan; Fiji Day in Fiji; Independence Day in Cuba
Oct 12: Independence Day in Equatorial Guinea; National Day in Spain
Oct 15: Eid al-Adha celebrated by Islamic communities
Oct 19: Constitution Day in Nuie
Oct 23: Liberation Day in Libya
Oct 24: Independence Day in Zambia
Oct 26: National Day in Austria
Oct 27: Independence Day in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Turkmenistan
Oct 28: Independence Day in Czechia
Oct 29: Republic Day in Turkey

September 2013 Trivia Question

2013 Sep 06   category: Fun & Games   author:  

Q: On September 16, Mexicans celebrate the ‘Grito de Dolores’ (Cry of Dolores), which in 1810 called for their independence from Spain – who uttered the call?

find the answer on our Trivia Page – there’s no prize; it’s just a bit of fun; something to stimulate your geographic imagination.

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