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2015 December: What’s On Worldwide

2015 Nov 25   category: Global Culture   author:  

Another year is drawing to a close and people are looking forward to their year-end festivities. If you have foreign friends or loved ones you might like to head over to the FlagAndMap gift store where you’ll find gift ideas for people with international connections. Gifts include apparel, accessories, home and office items, and novelties, all of which feature designs with special meaning for people from other countries. We hope you enjoy browsing and will find something entertaining for the giver and recipient alike.

Dec 1: Great Union Day (Romania)
Dec 2: National Day (Laos, United Arab Emirates)
Dec 5: King’s Birthday (Thailand)
Dec 6: Independence Day (Finland)
Dec 12: Jamhuri Day (Kenya)
Dec 16: National Day (Bahrain, Kazakhstan)
Dec 17: National Day (Bhutan)
Dec 18: National Day (Qatar)
Dec 22: Winter Solstice
Dec 25: Christmas (Western Christianity)