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Reduced Prices on 2010 Calendar Mousepads

2010 Jan 27   category: Latest News   author:  

Prices on our 2010 calendar mousepads have now been reduced. Designs on these durable and stylish mousepads incorporate a map of the selected nation plus a flag trim surrounded by the 2010 western calendar – available for over 180 nations.

Seasonal Gifts from FlagAndMap

2009 Nov 18   category: Latest News   author:  

Just a reminder that all our products are customizable and can make great gifts for the right recipient. Do you have friends from other countries or travel buddies with whom you shared a great trip abroad? Add your own text to products designed for that nation and you create a uniquely personalized gift for Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate in the coming season. Adding your own text or images is easily done using the ‘Customize it!’ button just before you add the item to your cart. We have t-shirts, mugs, bags, hats, mousepads, keychains and much more, all of which can be personalized in this way.

SEO using Web CEO

2009 Nov 14   category: Technology   author:  

Here’s a gem – Web CEO – outstanding SEO software that won’t cost a fortune. Indeed there’s even a free version that retains good functionality and has no expiration. They suggest that those who have benefited from the free version might like to help promote their software and as we liked it so much we decided to do just that.

We found Web CEO extremely useful and quite easy to use – there’s even a video tutorial, which might be a wise place to start. The SEO functionality of Web CEO is divided into four areas:

  • Finding Your Niche (keywords and site optimization)
  • Promoting Your Site (site submission, linking and ppc)
  • Analyzing Your Site (rankings, link popularity and traffic reports)
  • Maintaining Your Site (FTP uploader, site quality control and uptime monitoring)

We think you’ll agree that this is a comprehensive offering. Much of this is available in the free version but many people are also likely to find their pricing structure attractive. We encourage you to check it out via this link.

Introducing Flagnostic

2009 Jun 24   category: Latest News   author:  

We’re pleased to announce a cooperative marketing arrangement with, Flagnostic, a store that also sells products with designs based on world flags. Their t-shirts, mugs, hats, magnets, etc. feature gnarly national flag designs for every nation. We like their name and we like their designs. Here is their shop banner, which gives an idea of the kind of designs you might currently find there.

flagnostic gifts with flag designs store banner

You can check them out at

What’s New! – new products, latest offers, website enhancements

2009 Jun 10   category: Latest News   author:  

Want to keep track of what’s new at FlagAndMap? You’ve come to the right place! Stay informed about new products, current promotions and website enhancements. Be sure to use the ‘Latest News’ RSS feed for effortless monitoring of this information.