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Switzerland: Flag and Map T-Shirts & Other Gifts

Products with Switzerland designs make perfect gifts or souvenirs for people with Swiss connections. Items range from simple Swiss flag t-shirts to novelties like clocks featuring the map of Switzerland. You'll also find news and information to provide context for Swiss gift buying.

The flag of Switzerland, adopted as the official national flag in 1889, comprises a bold equilateral white cross centered within a red field. Switzerland is a landlocked nation situated in western Europe. Its terrain is largely mountainous with a central plateau surrounded by the Alps in the south and the Jura mountains in the north. The map outline is compact but irregular and combines with the two colors of the flag to create striking designs for Swiss national mementos. All our products can be customized online at no extra cost, so feel free to add your own text or graphics for that special personal touch. Whether it's a 'Swiss Miss' t-shirt for a friend or a promotional item for your Swiss organization the possibilities are endless.

Our full Switzerland product range is broad and constantly expanding. Use the product selector below to browse a selection of available items. Recent additions include: Switzerland Flag + Map Mug Switzerland Flag Binder Switzerland Flag Retro Sunglasses Switzerland Flag Hearts Tie

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11:30 PM: Das Waadtländer Sommermärchen endet jäh – die Fête des Vignerons mit Millionendefizit
11:30 PM: Der Kanton Tessin experimentiert mit Drohnen
01:07 PM: Nationalratsdebatte über die SVP-Initiative: «Sie wollen zurück in eine Schweiz der Schande» – «Wir verbetonieren das Land auf Kosten unserer Kinder»
06:00 AM: Aus Misstrauen gegenüber dem Staat: Immer mehr Eltern unterrichten ihre Kinder privat

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