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2010/02: National Days

2010 Jan 27   category: Latest News   author:  

Several nations have national days in February. Plan something special on the following dates for friends from these countries.
Feb 4, Independence Day in Sri Lanka
Feb 6, National Day in Nuie
Feb 6, Waitangi Day in New Zealand
Feb 7, National Day in Grenada
Feb 11, National Foundation Day in Japan
Feb 15, National Day in Serbia
Feb 16, State Reestablishment Day in Lithuania
Feb 17, National Day in Kosovo
Feb 18, Independence Day in the Gambia
Feb 18, Martyr’s Day in the Nepal
Feb 23, National Day in Brunei
Feb 23, Republic Day in Guyana
Feb 24, Independence Day in Estonia
Feb 25, National Day in Kuwait
Feb 27, National Day in the Dominican Republic

Reduced Prices on 2010 Calendar Mousepads

2010 Jan 27   category: Latest News   author:  

Prices on our 2010 calendar mousepads have now been reduced. Designs on these durable and stylish mousepads incorporate a map of the selected nation plus a flag trim surrounded by the 2010 western calendar – available for over 180 nations.