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May Day is just the beginning!

2013 Apr 25   category: Latest News   author:  

The beginning to a month of worldwide events and festivities that is. Orthodox Christians will observe Easter on May 5 while Buddhists will celebrate Vesak Day (Buddha Day) on May 24. Those with a more secular focus might be awaiting the annular solar eclipse that will occur on May 10. There are of course the usual crop of national days, which serve as a good opportunity to renew ties with international friends. Below is our list of key world events for May.

May 1: International Labor Day observed in many nations; Constitution Day in the Marshall Islands
May 5: Easter observed by most Orthodox Christian communities
May 15: Independence Day in Paraguay
May 17: Constitution Day in Norway
May 20: Independence Day in East Timor
May 21: Independence Day in Montenegro
May 22: Unity Day in Yemen
May 24: Vesak Day celebrated by Buddhist communities; Independence Day in Eritrea
May 25: Independence Day in Jordan
May 26: First Republic Day in Georgia
May 27: Independence Day in Guyana
May 28: Derg Downfall Day in Ethiopia; Republic Day in Azerbaijan

April 2013 Trivia Question

2013 Apr 12   category: Fun & Games   author:  

Q: Africa’s highest point at 5895m and lowest point at -697m (on a lake-bed) both lie within which country?

find the answer on our Trivia Page – there’s no prize; it’s just a bit of fun; something to stimulate your geographic imagination.

Don’t be an April Fool

2013 Apr 05   category: Latest News   author:  

If you have friends from England, the Netherlands, South Africa or Tanzania, to name a few, then April would be a very good time to send them greetings, since each of those countries has something to celebrate during that month. Of course April kicks off with April Fools’ Day but you won’t look so foolish if you wish someone from England a happy St George’s Day on April 23. Send a FlagAndMap greeting card with the appropriate national design and you’ll look even smarter. Below is a list of national days in April.

Apr 1: Islamic Republic Day in Iran
Apr 4: Independence Day in Senegal
Apr 15: Independence Day in Israel
Apr 17: Flag Day in American Samoa; Evacuation Day in Syria
Apr 18: Independence Day in Zimbabwe
Apr 23: St. George’s Day in England
Apr 26: Union Day in Tanzania
Apr 27: Freedom Day in South Africa; Independence Day in Togo; Republic Day in Sierra Leone
Apr 30: Queensday in the Netherlands

2013 First Quarter Celebrations

2013 Apr 04   category: Latest News   author:  

It’s been another busy start to the year for FlagAndMap with a relocation to another corner of the globe. Our creativity has been put on hold and updates have become infrequent, for which we apologize. We hope you found something to celebrate during the first quarter of 2013. We just missed being in Australia for Australia Day (January 26) but were here for the Grand Prix some weeks later. February 10 saw the Chinese welcome in a new year and of course St Patrick’s Day was celebrated in many places on March 17. We failed to publish our monthly reminder of upcoming events during the first quarter but if you wish to review them please take a look at our current list of 2013 world events.