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2012/10 National Days

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October 1st marks several Independence Days including that of Nigeria which commemorates independence from the United Kingdom gained in 1960. Since that time the country has grown to be the most populous country in Africa, with nearly 170 million inhabitants, and benefits from considerable oil wealth, but continues to struggle with ethnic and religious divisions. Share in the festivities with Nigerians on October 1st while wearing one of our customizable Nigeria Flag and Map T-Shirts.

Other notable national days in October are listed below.
Oct 1: Independence Day in Nigeria and Tuvalu, National Day in China and Independence Day in Cyprus
Oct 3: Unity Day in Germany and Independence Day in Iraq
Oct 4: Independence Day in Lesotho
Oct 9: Independence Day in Uganda
Oct 10: Fiji Day in Fiji and Double Ten Day in Taiwan
Oct 12: Independence Day in Equatorial Guinea and National Day in Spain
Oct 23: Republic Day in Hungary
Oct 24: Independence Day in Zambia
Oct 25: Republic Day in Kazakhstan
Oct 26: National Day in Austria
Oct 27: Independence Day in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Turkmenistan
Oct 28: Independence Day in Czechia
Oct 29: Republic Day in Turkey