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2015 May: What’s On Worldwide

2015 Apr 25   category: Global Culture   author:  

Join people around the world on May 1st for May Day / Labor Day celebrations. Check the list below to see when else your global friends might be partying in May. There’s still plenty of time to select a gift featuring an Eritrean design to surprise your Eritrean friends when they celebrate their independence day on May 24th.

May 1: May Day / Labor Day; Constitution Day (Marshall Islands)
May 3: Vesak (Buddha Day)
May 15: Independence Day (Paraguay)
May 17: Constitution Day (Norway)
May 20: Independence Day (East Timor)
May 21: Independence Day (Montenegro)
May 22: Unity Day (Yemen)
May 24: Independence Day (Eritrea)
May 25: Independence Day (Jordan)
May 26: Independence Day (Georgia), (Guyana)
May 28: Derg Downfall Day (Ethiopia); Republic Day (Azerbaijan)
May 29: Republic Day (Nepal)

Make a Statement with your Shipping Labels

2015 Apr 09   category: New Products   author:  

Florida Faint Flag Shipping Label New Jersey Faint Flag Shipping Label

OK that’s a weak pun, but seriously, your small business ships a lot of items so why not give a shout out to your home state with each package. You can do so with our Faint Flag Shipping Labels, which allow you write or print the delivery addresses over a subtle imprint of a state flag.

The examples shown here are for New Jersey and Florida but they are available for all 50 states so just head over to our Famusa store to find a label for the state of your choice.