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2012/03 National Days

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St Patrick’s Day is perhaps the most famous national day in March but there are several others. For example Greece celebrates its Independence Day on March 25th. This commemorates the Greek War of Independence waged between 1821 and 1832 against the Ottoman Empire, in which independence lost at the fall of Constantinople in 1453 was regained. Despite the current austerity measures Greeks will no doubt proudly celebrate this event later in the month of March. You can share their pride while wearing a customized Greek Flag and Map T-Shirt.

Other notable national days in March are listed below.
Mar 1: Independence Day in Bosnia and Herzegovina and St. David’s Day in Wales
Mar 2: Independence Day in Morocco
Mar 3: Liberation Day in Bulgaria
Mar 6: Independence Day in Ghana
Mar 10: National Day in Tibet
Mar 12: Independence Day in Mauritius
Mar 15: National Day in Hungary
Mar 17: St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland
Mar 20: Independence Day in Tunisia
Mar 21: Independence Day in Namibia
Mar 23: Republic Day in Pakistan
Mar 25: Independence Day in Greece
Mar 26: Independence Day in Bangladesh
Mar 31: Freedom Day in Malta and Transfer Day in the US Virgin Islands

2012/02 National Days

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If you are Estonian you might be observing Valentine’s Day today but you’ll also be looking forward to celebrate Independence Day in 10 days time. This commemorates the country’s declaration of independence, which occurred during World War I as German troops drove out Russian troops. Actual independence was only consolidated in 1920, lasted until World War II and was subsequently regained in 1991. You may like to prepare to celebrate Estonian independence with a customized Estonia Flag and Map T-shirt.

Other notable national days in February 2012 are listed below.
Feb 4: Independence Day in Sri Lanka
Feb 6: National Day in Nuie and Waitangi Day in New Zealand
Feb 7: Independence Day in Grenada
Feb 11: National Foundation Day in Japan
Feb 15: National Day in Serbia
Feb 16: State Reestablishment Day in Lithuania
Feb 17: National Day in Kosovo
Feb 18: Independence Day in the Gambia and Martyr’s Day in Nepal
Feb 23: National Day in Brunei and Republic Day in Guyana
Feb 24: Independence Day in Estonia
Feb 25: National Day in Kuwait
Feb 27: Independence Day in the Dominican Republic

2012/01 National Days

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We’ve been a bit quiet at the start of 2012 and failed to publish our regular reminder of national days in January. This included a cluster of national days on the first of the year as well as Australia Day celebrated by our friends down under. Both India and Pakistan had national days toward the end of the month. Over 1 billion people in India celebrate Republic Day on Jan 26th, commemorating the date in 1950 on which the Constitution of India came into effect. We hope you were able to get ready for that with your very own customized India Flag and Map T-Shirt.

For reference here is a list of notable national days in January 2012:
Jan 1: Independence Day in Samoa and Sudan, Liberation Day in Cuba and National Day in Haiti
Jan 8: Commonwealth Day in the Northern Marianas
Jan 26: Australia Day in Australia and Republic Day in India
Jan 28: Pakistan Day in Pakistan
Jan 31: National Day in Nauru