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Revamped FlagAndMap Store at Spreadshirt

2013 Jun 14   category: Latest News   author:  

FlagAndMap designs are used to create distinctive products that are available through a number of print on demand manufacturers. One such outlet is Spreadshirt whose platform mainly offers apparel such as t-shirts and sweatshirts. We have recently revamped the FlagAndMap store at Spreadshirt to include a refreshed selection of t-shirts and sweatshirts. Design examples are shown below, including designs with editable text that can easily be altered to a message of your choice. Designs are available for every nation, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, China to the Pitcairn Islands, so no matter which part of the world interests you there’s sure to be a suitable product available in the store.

Sri Lanka Pocket Flag TshirtAustralia Flag Heart Text TshirtSouth Africa Flag Text TshirtBrazil Flag TshirtCroatia Flag Sweatshirt Tshirt

Novel Gifts for the 2011 Holiday Season

2011 Oct 26   category: Latest News   author:  

It’s the same challenge every holiday season – how to find gifts that are affordable but a little bit special and different. It’s a problem that FlagAndMap wants to help you solve. We’ve recently introduced some new products that make ideal gifts, such as necklaces, ties and gift boxes. This is of course in addition to our perennial best sellers such as t-shirts and mugs.

The especially nice thing about all of these items is that not only are the designs targeted to a particular nationality or heritage but they can also be personalized by the customer. All these products are offered through the Zazzle print on demand platform which readily allows the purchaser to add their own text (or even images) at no extra cost. So you can add a name or a message to the design, which gives your gift that extra special touch and solves the problem of finding something unique.

Stick Up for Your Nation

2011 Jul 29   category: Latest News   author:  

FlagAndMap stickers are a great way to give a shout-out to your home nation or favorite destination. We have recently added flag and map designs to more sticker shapes, so whether you want round, square or heart-shaped we should have something that will suit you. So go ahead and stick up for your nation on a text book, a binder, a bag or wherever works for you. Here are a few examples:

Bhutan Flag Square StickerFrance Map Round StickerMalaysia Flag Heart StickerZambia Map Round StickerSpain Fisheye Flag Round Sticker

Welcome South Sudan!

2011 Jul 08   category: Latest News   author:  

FlagAndMap welcomes South Sudan to the family of nations. In January 2011 after decades of conflict the people of Sudan’s southern region were finally given the opportunity to vote on independence, which they approved by an overwhelming majority. This independence will be realized on July 9, 2011 and will bring into existence the world’s newest nation with a population of some 8 million and a land area slightly larger than Spain and Portugal combined.

FlagAndMap wishes the people of South Sudan stability and prosperity in the years ahead and has already created products for South Sudan with designs featuring the national flag and physical map of South Sudan. A few examples are shown below.

South Sudan Flag Map T-ShirtSouth Sudan Flag BagSouth Sudan Map MousepadSouth Sudan Flag Heart Custom T-ShirtSouth Sudan Flag Map Mug

New Products with Flag-Heart Patterns

2011 Jan 10   category: Latest News   author:  

We have now extended our range of flag-hearts neckties. These ties were previously only available for European nations but they have been selling well, prompting us to roll them out across all our national lines. The designs comprise a tightly packed hexagonal pattern of heart-shaped flags, which we hope you’ll agree look attractive and stylish and offer a subtle way to show enthusiasm for your home nation or favorite destination. Please note that the reverse side of the tie is white but this will not be visible when worn conventionally. The first image below shows a magnified sample of the flag hearts pattern for Taiwan, while the second image shows the corresponding Taiwan-Flag-Hearts tie. These design patterns are also available on hats and bags as illustrated in the third and fourth images.

Taiwan Flag Hearts SampleTaiwan Flag Hearts TisSlovakia Flag Hearts HatTaiwan Flag Hearts Bag

The Impact of One Athlete Pt. 2

2010 Oct 08   category: World Affairs   author:  

On Day 4 of the 2010 Commonwealth Games, Peter Yukio, of the tiny island nation of Nauru, gave that nation an unbeatable lead in our GDP Adjusted Medals Ranking with his gold medal win in the 77kg men’s weightlifting competition. In fact Nauru’s lead was originally so unassailable that it caused us to rethink the way we adjust medals value by GDP in our ranking. In the revised ranking Nauru is still firmly and probably unbeatably in the lead but they wouldn’t be had that medal been bronze. We’re comfortable with the revised ranking because Nauru is such small nation that even a single gold for them is a remarkable achievement.

In fact it had already become apparent that simply dividing a nation’s medals value by their GDP was giving too much advantage to very small nations in our ranking. The dynamic can be rationalized as follows. Assuming for the moment that GDP per head is the same for all nations then we would not necessarily expect that 10 times the population would result in 10 times the medal haul in a competition like this. Typically a nation can only enter 3 athletes for any event and this is likely to limit the number of people from any given nation who strive to compete at this level no matter how large that nation is. So dividing medals value by anything proportional to population (or GDP) would likely handicap larger nations too much.

The challenge then was to find an alternative adjustment that had a less dramatic effect than merely dividing by GDP. In the end we settled for dividing by a ‘GDP factor’ that is proportional to the square root of GDP. The main justification for this is that it is still relatively straightforward and it also yields a pleasingly competitive ranking based on results so far. It is also defensible on the basis that population/GDP does confer an advantage but in a way that tends to diminish as these factors increase. Anyway, you can judge the revised GDP Adjusted Medals Ranking for yourselves and let us know what you think. We see some very close competition between nations that would otherwise rank far apart in a traditional medals table and that fulfills our orginal objective in establishing the GDP adjusted ranking.

The Impact of One Athlete Pt. 1

2010 Oct 07   category: World Affairs   author:  

How much impact can an individual athlete have at a multi-national sports competition? The answer is considerable if you follow our 2010 Commonwealth Games GDP Adjusted Medals Ranking. After factoring in late results from day 3 of the event, the top spot in our ranking was seized by Uganda and it was all down to Moses Ndiema Kipsiro who won the men’s 5000m event.

The GDP adjustment in our ranking attempts to create a more equitable comparison between all the competing nations. One consequence of this is that individual athletes from smaller nations can have a much greater impact. Nevertheless we feel that in the case of Moses Kipsiro such recognition is fully deserved. The guy was leading at the bell (after 4,600m) and still held off three strong Kenyans at a sprint for the entire final 400m – awesome. So Moses Kipsiro deserves special congratulations and of course all the athletes competing at these games deserve our support and admiration.

GDP Adjusted Medals Ranking for the 2010 Commonwealth Games

2010 Oct 06   category: World Affairs   author:  

A quarter of the world’s population potentially has an interest in the 2010 Commonwealth Games currently being held in Delhi. 71 ‘nations’ (including sub-nations) are being represented in this multi-national sporting competition, which occurs every four years. These nations range from the immense, India with a population of 1.18 million, to the tiny, Tuvalu with a population of just 12,000. The larger and the more affluent nations will be expected to win most of the medals but we wondered if it would be possible to compare the performance of such disparate nations on anything like an equitable basis.

After some thought and experimentation we have settled on a ranking based on a ‘Medals Value’ which is divided by the GDP of the nation. Our Medals Value deems each medal to be worth slightly more than twice that of the one below it (12pts for a gold, 5pts for a silver and 2pts for a bronze) while the GDP adjustment takes account of both the population and affluence of a nation. The resulting GDP Adjusted Medals Ranking for the 2010 Commonwealth Games will be updated at the end of each day of competition.

We like to think this ranking methodology gives any nation the chance to finish top. In fact we think it might actually favor smaller nations if by chance they happen to be fielding a few exception athletes this year. Indeed, this could be the Isle of Man’s year if Mark Cavendish wins a cycling gold. No matter which nation you are rooting for, have a little fun by tracking their position in our GDP Adjusted Medals Ranking.

2011 Calendar Products Now Available

2010 Aug 18   category: Latest News   author:  

Is it time to start planning for 2011? We know many people already have. Well, FlagAndMap has you covered with gift ideas for the upcoming year. Last year our 2010 calendar mousepads proved to be very popular, so we’ve updated the designs to create an international range of 2011 calendar mousepads. Each design features the national flag plus a map of the country and, most importantly, the 2011 calendar. These mousepads make ideal gifts for the new year – what could be more useful than having the 2011 dates right there on your desktop? They are dust and stain resistant, have a non-slip backing and are priced at $11.95.

This year we are also offering 2011 calendar postcards. Designs are similar, with national motifs accompanying a handy 2011 calendar. Now you can send your friends a quick message on a card that not only promotes your home nation or favorite destination but also serves as a handy reference throughout the year. Prices are as low as $0.70 in bulk but there are no minimum orders.

Just to whet your appetite here are a few examples but we invite you to visit our online store to browse the entire collection.

Brazil 2011 Calendar MousepadFrance 2011 Calendar PostcardChina 2011 Calendar MousepadBrunei 2011 Calendar PostcardSouth Africa 2011 Calendar Mousepad

New Map + Flags Designs

2010 Jun 21   category: Latest News   author:  

We recently added some fresh designs to the FlagAndMap range. The central element of these national designs is a physical map of the country. This is surrounded by a decorative border featuring the national flag. Currently these designs can be found on our range of bags with international designs. As ever bags are available in a number of styles including tiny, impulse, budget, grocery and jumbo totes. These new designs are also available on magnets and will be available on other products in the future. A few examples are shown below:

Australia Map Flags BagBolivia Map Flags BagCote d'Ivoire Map Flags BagBosnia Map Flags MagnetMexico Map Flags Magnet

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