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2012/11 National Days

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Among the national days in November, Cambodians celebrate their Independence Day on November 9th, commemorating independence from France in 1953. In the intervening years involvement in the Vietnam War and the Khmer Rouge regime have provided little to celebrate but today the country enjoys a measure of stability as a multiparty democracy under a constitutional monarchy. Be ready to celebrate with Cambodians on the 9th sporting your own customized version of one of our Cambodia Flag and Map T-Shirts.

Other notable national days in November are listed below.
Nov 1: National Day in Algeria and Independence Day in Antigua and Barbuda
Nov 3: Independence Day in Micronesia and Dominica and Separation Day in Panama
Nov 9: Independence Day in Cambodia
Nov 11: Independence Day in Angola and Poland
Nov 18: Independence Day in Latvia and National Day in Oman
Nov 19: National Day in Monaco
Nov 22: Independence Day in Lebanon
Nov 25: Independence Day in Suriname
Nov 28: Independence Day in Mauritania and Albania
Nov 30: Independence Day in Barbados and St. Andrew’s Day in Scotland