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2012/04 National Days

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On April 4th the Senegalese will be celebrating their country’s independence. At independence in 1960 Senegal had merged with what is now Mali but this lasted only until August of that year. In 1982 Senegal formed a federation with The Gambia but this was dissolved in 1989. Since then separatist conflict in the south of the country has been a source of instability but you can no doubt share a celebratory day with many Senegalese on the 4th and look the part with a customized Senegal Flag and Map T-Shirt.

Other notable national days in April are listed below.
Apr 1: Islamic Republic Day in Iran
Apr 3: National Day in Guinea-Conakry
Apr 4: Independence Day in Senegal
Apr 17: Flag Day in American Samoa and Evacuation Day in Syria
Apr 18: Independence Day in Zimbabwe
Apr 23: St. George’s Day in England
Apr 25: National Day in Italy
Apr 26: Union Day in Tanzania
Apr 27: National Day in South Africa, Independence Day in Togo and Republic Day in Sierra Leone
Apr 30: Queensday in the Netherlands