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Romania: Flag and Map T-Shirts & Other Gifts

Welcome to our Romania page, which presents gifts and souvenirs with Romanian designs by FlagAndMap and other designers. Whether you're looking for a basic t-shirt featuring the Romanian flag, a mug showing a map of Romania or some other item with a patriotic theme, you'll find plenty to choose from here. We've also listed a few interesting and informative links related to Romania at the bottom of the page.

The current flag of Romania was first adopted in 1848 and reinstated on Dec 27, 1989. It is a tricolor of, from the hoist, blue, yellow and red vertical bands. Romania is an eastern European country with a moderate length of coastline along the Black Sea. Romania has a diverse mix of terrain dominated by the Carpathian mountains in the center. The outline of the map is quite compact and rather oval and combines nicely with the bright colors of the flag to create bold and unique designs for Romanian national mementos. All our products are customizable, which means you can add your own text or images at no extra cost. For example, you could add a name to create a personalized 'Romania' t-shirt for friends and family or you could create a commemorative mug featuring the Romanian flag and map plus your organization's own message or slogan. However many people prefer the designs just the way they are and that's a good choice too!

Our full Romania product range is too large to display on one page with new products/designs frequently being added but you can browse the full list of products with Romania designs or check out the following most recently added items:

FlagAndMap T-Shirts

We carry several Romania flag and map designs for t-shirts, which are available in dozens of style/color combinations for men, women and kids. Styles include basic, polo, raglan, melange, ringer, organic, baby doll, spaghetti, long-sleeve and sweatshirt. Each of the examples below links to a product page (opening in a new window) showing more information and allowing you to switch styles, experiment with customization and make purchases. Alternatively you can browse the entire range of t-shirts with Romania designs.

Other Products by FlagAndMap

Other products that we offer include mugs, bags, hats, ties, magnets, mousepads, keychains and more. Designs are available on all product variations where such alternatives exist - for example bag designs are available on budget, grocery, impulse, tiny and jumbo totes. For more information you can click on the examples below or, if you prefer, browse all of our products with Romania designs.

Romania Products by Other Designers

A small selection of products with Romanian design themes from other designers - the artwork of Ginette Callaway makes Dracula's castle look very colorful. These links are to the selected designer's store and will open in a new window.

Other Resources for Romania

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