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Wrap up the year with a gift

2013 Nov 25   category: Latest News   author:  

The year end is a great time for giving gifts. FlagAndMap products with global designs based on national flags and maps make ideal gifts for friends or colleagues around the world. Listed below are some specific national celebrations that occur in December prior to the end of the year when everyone welcomes a token of appreciation.

Dec 1: Great Union Day in Romania
Dec 2: National Day in Laos and the United Arab Emirates
Dec 5: The King’s Birthday in Thailand
Dec 6: Independence Day in Finland
Dec 12: Jamhuri Day in Kenya
Dec 16: Independence Day in Kazakhstan; National Day in Bahrain
Dec 17: National (Coronation) Day in Bhutan
Dec 18: National Day in Qatar
Dec 21: Independence Day in Nepal
Dec 25: Christmas celebrated by Western Christian communities

Novel Gifts for the 2011 Holiday Season

2011 Oct 26   category: Latest News   author:  

It’s the same challenge every holiday season – how to find gifts that are affordable but a little bit special and different. It’s a problem that FlagAndMap wants to help you solve. We’ve recently introduced some new products that make ideal gifts, such as necklaces, ties and gift boxes. This is of course in addition to our perennial best sellers such as t-shirts and mugs.

The especially nice thing about all of these items is that not only are the designs targeted to a particular nationality or heritage but they can also be personalized by the customer. All these products are offered through the Zazzle print on demand platform which readily allows the purchaser to add their own text (or even images) at no extra cost. So you can add a name or a message to the design, which gives your gift that extra special touch and solves the problem of finding something unique.

2011 Calendar Products Now Available

2010 Aug 18   category: Latest News   author:  

Is it time to start planning for 2011? We know many people already have. Well, FlagAndMap has you covered with gift ideas for the upcoming year. Last year our 2010 calendar mousepads proved to be very popular, so we’ve updated the designs to create an international range of 2011 calendar mousepads. Each design features the national flag plus a map of the country and, most importantly, the 2011 calendar. These mousepads make ideal gifts for the new year – what could be more useful than having the 2011 dates right there on your desktop? They are dust and stain resistant, have a non-slip backing and are priced at $11.95.

This year we are also offering 2011 calendar postcards. Designs are similar, with national motifs accompanying a handy 2011 calendar. Now you can send your friends a quick message on a card that not only promotes your home nation or favorite destination but also serves as a handy reference throughout the year. Prices are as low as $0.70 in bulk but there are no minimum orders.

Just to whet your appetite here are a few examples but we invite you to visit our online store to browse the entire collection.

Brazil 2011 Calendar MousepadFrance 2011 Calendar PostcardChina 2011 Calendar MousepadBrunei 2011 Calendar PostcardSouth Africa 2011 Calendar Mousepad

2010 Calendar Mouse Pads

2009 Dec 04   category: Latest News   author:  

Recently created 2010 Calendar Mouse Pads make ideal gifts for this time of year. We have versions for each nation featuring a flag and map design surrounded by the 2010 calendar. Perfect for keeping your dates straight while surfing the internet.
Here are a few examples:

Australia Flag Map 2010 Calendar MousepadSri Lanka Flag Map 2010 Calendar MousepadQatar Flag Map 2010 Calendar MousepadZambia Flag Map 2010 Calendar MousepadMacedonia Flag Map 2010 Calendar Mousepad

Seasonal Gifts from FlagAndMap

2009 Nov 18   category: Latest News   author:  

Just a reminder that all our products are customizable and can make great gifts for the right recipient. Do you have friends from other countries or travel buddies with whom you shared a great trip abroad? Add your own text to products designed for that nation and you create a uniquely personalized gift for Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate in the coming season. Adding your own text or images is easily done using the ‘Customize it!’ button just before you add the item to your cart. We have t-shirts, mugs, bags, hats, mousepads, keychains and much more, all of which can be personalized in this way.