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September Beginnings

2013 Aug 26   category: Latest News   author:  

By September, as year end in the western calendar approaches, a new year is about to be celebrated in Jewish communities (from September 4). Perhaps the end of summer is indeed a good opportunity to start afresh and renew those global connections that may have been neglected all year. Contacts from countries listed below may well appreciate a timely greeting on their national day.

Sep 1: Constitution Day in Slovakia; Independence Day in Uzbekistan
Sep 2: Independence Day in Vietnam
Sep 4: Rosh Hashana celebrated by Jewish communities
Sep 6: Independence Day in Swaziland
Sep 7: Independence Day in Brazil
Sep 8: Independence Day in Macedonia; Our Lady of Meritxell Day in Andorra
Sep 9: Independence Day in North Korea and Tajikistan
Sep 15: Independence Day in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua
Sep 16: Grito de Dolores (Independence Day) in Mexico; Independence Day in Papua New Guinea
Sep 18: National Day in Chile
Sep 19: Independence Day in Saint Kitts and Nevis
Sep 21: Independence Day in Armenia, Belize and Malta
Sep 22: Independence Day in Bulgaria and Mali
Sep 23: National Day in Saudi Arabia
Sep 24: Independence Day in Guinea-Bissau
Sep 30: Independence Day in Botswana

August 2013 Trivia Question

2013 Aug 09   category: Fun & Games   author:  

Q: This is the westernmost of the six continental African countries traversed by the equator – what is its name?

find the answer on our Trivia Page – there’s no prize; it’s just a bit of fun; something to stimulate your geographic imagination.