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2015 October: What’s On Worldwide

2015 Sep 25   category: Global Culture   author:  

Muslims will celebrate a new year in the middle of October 2015 (the exact date depends on location). During the same month people in several countries will celebrate independence days. Croatians for example will celebrate on October 8th, so if you wish to send greetings to Croatian friends check out our greeting cards for Croatians. Below is a list of other significant events around the world during October.

Oct 1: Independence Day (Cyprus, Nigeria, Palau, Tuvalu); National Day (China)
Oct 2: Independence Day (Guinea-Conakry)
Oct 3: Independence Day (Iraq); Unity Day (Germany)
Oct 4: Independence Day (Lesotho)
Oct 8: Independence Day (Croatia)
Oct 9: Independence Day (Uganda)
Oct 10: Double Ten Day (Taiwan); Fiji Day; Independence Day (Cuba)
Oct 12: Independence Day (Equatorial Guinea); National Day (Spain)
Oct 13: Día de la Raza (Argentina); National Heritage Day (Turks and Caicos Is.)
Oct 14: New Year (Islamic calendar);
Oct 19: Constitution Day (Nuie)
Oct 23: Liberation Day (Libya)
Oct 24: Independence Day (Zambia)
Oct 26: National Day (Austria)
Oct 27: Independence Day (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Turkmenistan)
Oct 28: Independence Day (Czechia)
Oct 29: Republic Day (Turkey)