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2015 November: What’s On Worldwide

2015 Oct 25   category: Global Culture   author:  

Americans in the States enjoy a day of family fellowship toward the end of November – it’s Thanksgiving and it falls on November 26th this year. The list below indicates the dates of several other national celebrations that occur in November. Your foreign friends will always be pleased to hear from you, so head over to the FlagAndMap greeting card section to select stationary designed specifically for communication across borders.

Nov 1: All Saints Day; State Day (Antigua and Barbuda)
Nov 3: Independence Day (Dominica, Micronesia); Separation Day (Panama)
Nov 4: National Day (Tonga)
Nov 9: Independence Day (Cambodia)
Nov 11: Diwali; Veterans Day / Remembrance Day; Independence Day (Angola, Poland)
Nov 15: Independence Day (Palestine)
Nov 18: Independence Day (Latvia, Morocco); National Day (Oman)
Nov 19: National Day (Monaco)
Nov 22: Independence Day (Lebanon)
Nov 25: Independence Day (Suriname)
Nov 26: Thanksgiving (United States);
Nov 28: Independence Day (Albania, Mauritania)
Nov 30: Independence Day (Barbados); St. Andrew’s Day (Scotland)