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North America celebrates in July

2013 Jun 25   category: Latest News   author:  

Much of North America that is. Canada Day is on July 1 while the USA celebrates its independence on July 4 and even the Bahamas have their independence day on Jul 10. So if you know people in or from North America, July would be a good month to party with them. Additionally, as listed below, several other nations enjoy special occasions in July – timely opportunities to keep in touch with friends from those countries with a FlagAndMap postcard.

Jul 1: Canada Day in Canada; Independence Day in Burundi and Rwanda; National Day in the British Virgin Islands
Jul 3: Independence Day in Belarus
Jul 4: Independence Day in the United States
Jul 5: Independence Day in Algeria, Cape Verde and Venezuela
Jul 6: Independence Day in the Comoros and Malawi
Jul 7: Independence Day in the Solomon Islands
Jul 9: Ramadan observed by Islamic communities; Independence Day in Argentina
Jul 10: Independence Day in the Bahamas
Jul 11: Naadam Holiday begins in Mongolia
Jul 12: Independence Day in Kiribati and Sao Tome and Principe
Jul 14: Bastille Day in France
Jul 20: Independence Day in Colombia
Jul 21: Independence Day in Belgium; Liberation Day in Guam
Jul 23: Revolution Day in Egypt
Jul 25: Constitution Day in Puerto Rico
Jul 26: Independence Day in Liberia
Jul 28: Independence Day in Peru
Jul 30: Independence Day in Vanuatu

Revamped FlagAndMap Store at Spreadshirt

2013 Jun 14   category: Latest News   author:  

FlagAndMap designs are used to create distinctive products that are available through a number of print on demand manufacturers. One such outlet is Spreadshirt whose platform mainly offers apparel such as t-shirts and sweatshirts. We have recently revamped the FlagAndMap store at Spreadshirt to include a refreshed selection of t-shirts and sweatshirts. Design examples are shown below, including designs with editable text that can easily be altered to a message of your choice. Designs are available for every nation, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, China to the Pitcairn Islands, so no matter which part of the world interests you there’s sure to be a suitable product available in the store.

Sri Lanka Pocket Flag TshirtAustralia Flag Heart Text TshirtSouth Africa Flag Text TshirtBrazil Flag TshirtCroatia Flag Sweatshirt Tshirt

June 2013 Trivia Question

2013 Jun 07   category: Fun & Games   author:  

Q: Ullortuneq is Greenland’s National Day and it occurs on June 21 but what does the name mean?

find the answer on our Trivia Page – there’s no prize; it’s just a bit of fun; something to stimulate your geographic imagination.