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2010/07: National Days

2010 Jun 27   category: Latest News   author:  

Many nations have national days in July. Plan something special on the following dates for friends from these countries.
Jul 1, Canada Day in Canada
Jul 1, National Day in the British Virgin Islands
Jul 1, National Day in Burundi
Jul 1, National Day in Rwanda
Jul 3, Independence Day in Belarus
Jul 4, Independence Day in the United States
Jul 5, Independence Day in Venezuela
Jul 6, National Day in the Comoros
Jul 6, Independence Day in Malawi
Jul 7, Independence Day in the Solomon Islands
Jul 9, Constitution Day in Palau
Jul 9, National Day in Argentina
Jul 10, National Day in the Bahamas
Jul 11, Naadam Holiday in Mongolia
Jul 12, National Day in Kiribati
Jul 12, National Day in Sao Tome and Principe
Jul 13, National Day in Montenegro
Jul 14, Bastille Day in France
Jul 20, National Day in Colombia
Jul 21, Liberation Day in Guam
Jul 21, National Day in Belgium
Jul 23, Revolution Day in Egypt
Jul 25, Constitution Day in Puerto Rico
Jul 26, National Day in Liberia
Jul 28, National Day in Peru
Jul 30, Independence Day in Vanuatu

New Map + Flags Designs

2010 Jun 21   category: Latest News   author:  

We recently added some fresh designs to the FlagAndMap range. The central element of these national designs is a physical map of the country. This is surrounded by a decorative border featuring the national flag. Currently these designs can be found on our range of bags with international designs. As ever bags are available in a number of styles including tiny, impulse, budget, grocery and jumbo totes. These new designs are also available on magnets and will be available on other products in the future. A few examples are shown below:

Australia Map Flags BagBolivia Map Flags BagCote d'Ivoire Map Flags BagBosnia Map Flags MagnetMexico Map Flags Magnet