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Stick Up for Your Nation

2011 Jul 29   category: Latest News   author:  

FlagAndMap stickers are a great way to give a shout-out to your home nation or favorite destination. We have recently added flag and map designs to more sticker shapes, so whether you want round, square or heart-shaped we should have something that will suit you. So go ahead and stick up for your nation on a text book, a binder, a bag or wherever works for you. Here are a few examples:

Bhutan Flag Square StickerFrance Map Round StickerMalaysia Flag Heart StickerZambia Map Round StickerSpain Fisheye Flag Round Sticker

2011/08: National Days

2011 Jul 24   category: Latest News   author:  

Many nations have national days in August. Be appropriately dressed with apparel from FlagAndMap when celebrating on the following dates with friends from these countries.
Aug 1, Independence Day in Benin
Aug 1, National Day in Switzerland
Aug 5, Independence Day in Burkina Faso
Aug 6, Independence Day in Bolivia
Aug 7, Independence Day in Cote d’Ivoire
Aug 9, National Day in Singapore
Aug 10, Independence Day in Ecuador
Aug 11, Independence Day in Chad
Aug 14, Independence Day in Pakistan
Aug 15, Independence Day in Congo-Brazzaville
Aug 15, National Day in Liechtenstein
Aug 15, National Day in South Korea
Aug 15, Independence Day in India
Aug 16, Restoration Day in the Dominican Republic
Aug 17, Independence Day in Gabon
Aug 17, Independence Day in Indonesia
Aug 19, National Day in Afghanistan
Aug 20, St. Stephen’s Day in Hungary
Aug 24, Independence Day in Ukraine
Aug 25, Independence Day in Uruguay
Aug 27, Independence Day in Moldova
Aug 29, National Uprising Day in Slovakia
Aug 30, Constitution Day in the Turks and Caicos Islands
Aug 31, Hari Merdeka in Malaysia
Aug 31, Independence Day in Kyrgyzstan
Aug 31, Independence Day in Trinidad and Tobago

Welcome South Sudan!

2011 Jul 08   category: Latest News   author:  

FlagAndMap welcomes South Sudan to the family of nations. In January 2011 after decades of conflict the people of Sudan’s southern region were finally given the opportunity to vote on independence, which they approved by an overwhelming majority. This independence will be realized on July 9, 2011 and will bring into existence the world’s newest nation with a population of some 8 million and a land area slightly larger than Spain and Portugal combined.

FlagAndMap wishes the people of South Sudan stability and prosperity in the years ahead and has already created products for South Sudan with designs featuring the national flag and physical map of South Sudan. A few examples are shown below.

South Sudan Flag Map T-ShirtSouth Sudan Flag BagSouth Sudan Map MousepadSouth Sudan Flag Heart Custom T-ShirtSouth Sudan Flag Map Mug