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Mozambique: Flag and Map T-Shirts & Other Gifts

FlagAndMap sells a broad range of products with designs for Mozambique. Designs feature the Mozambican flag and the map of Mozambique plus other motifs. The Mozambican flag was adopted on May 1, 1983 and includes three horizontal bands, colored (from top to bottom) green, black with white borders and yellow, plus a red triangle at the hoist containing a yellow five-pointed star and a black motif. The motif comprises a book, a hoe and an AK-47. Mozambique is situated in southeastern Africa and has an extensive Indian Ocean coastline and a mix of lowland and highland areas. The outline of the map is very irregular and is here combined with the diverse hues of the flag to create striking and distinctive designs for Mozambican national mementos.

The FlagAndMap Mozambique product range includes apparel, accessories and other gifts with Mozambican design themes. There is often a choice of styles and colors - T-shirts, for example, are available in hundreds of style/color combinations for men, women and kids. Customers have the option to customize any product online with their own text or images at no extra cost. You can easily create personalized 'Mozambique' t-shirts for friends and family or special event mugs with a Mozambican theme for your group or organization. The full Mozambique product range is regularly added to with recent additions including the following: Guyane Fisheye Flag Button Guyane Fisheye Flag Magnet Guyane Map Mousepad

Browse a Selection of Mozambique T-Shirts

FlagAndMap Mozambique apparel includes several designs available on dozens of t-shirt styles, sweatshirts, hoodies and more. The menus below allow you to view key examples from the entire range of t-shirts with Mozambique designs. Click on any product for full details.

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Our core design features the national flag on the front (pocket or full size) and a map of the country on the back.

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Available in ash, gold, grey, light blue, lime, natural, orange, pink, stone green, white and yellow.

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FlagAndMap offers a wide range of gift ideas for people who love Mozambique. Choose from mugs, bags, hats, ties, necklaces, ornaments, keychains, magnets, mousepads, bumper stickers, birthday cards, postcards, stickers and more. Typically there is a choice of product type within each product line - bags, for example, are available as budget, grocery, impulse, tiny and jumbo totes. Use the menu below to view a selection of popular products or simply link to a showcase of all FlagAndMap products with Mozambique designs. Click on any product for full details.

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A selection of non-apparel products with FlagAndMap designs.