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2011/09: National Days

2011 Aug 24   category: Latest News   author:  

Many nations have national days in September. A personalized gift from FlagAndMap might make the following dates even more special for friends from these countries.
Sep 1, Independence Day in Uzbekistan
Sep 1, National Day in Libya
Sep 1, Constitution Day in Slovakia
Sep 2, National Day in Vietnam
Sep 6, Independence Day in Swaziland
Sep 7, Independence Day in Brazil
Sep 8, Independence Day in Macedonia
Sep 8, National Day in North Korea
Sep 8, Our Lady of Meritxell Day in Andorra
Sep 9, Independence Day in Tajikistan
Sep 12, National Day in Cape Verde
Sep 15, Independence Day in Costa Rica
Sep 15, Independence Day in El Salvador
Sep 15, Independence Day in Guatemala
Sep 15, Independence Day in Honduras
Sep 15, Independence Day in Nicaragua
Sep 16, Grito de Dolores in Mexico
Sep 16, Independence Day in Papua New Guinea
Sep 18, National Day in Chile
Sep 19, Independence Day in Saint Kitts and Nevis
Sep 21, Independence Day in Malta
Sep 21, Independence Day in Belize
Sep 22, National Day in Mali
Sep 23, National Day in Saudi Arabia
Sep 24, Independence Day in Guinea-Bissau
Sep 30, Independence Day in Botswana

Plan for 2012 – FlagAndMap Calendar Products

2011 Aug 11   category: Latest News   author:  

We are pleased to announce our first batch of products with designs that include a 2012 calendar. For example, our 2012 calendar mousepads provide you with a date planner right at your fingertips, whereas our 2012 calendar postcards help you stay in touch with friends while sending them something useful at the same time. As ever these designs have national themes incorporating flags and maps so you will be reminded of your favorite nation as you keep your dates straight throughout the year.

Australia 2012 Calendar MousepadZambia 2012 Calendar PostcardQatar 2012 Calendar MousepadZambia Map Round StickerGermany 2012 Calendar Mousepad