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2012/09 National Days

2012 Aug 26 15:00   category: Latest News   author:  
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September 7th is Independence Day in Brazil, commemorating their declaration of independence from Portugal in 1822. Since then Brazil has grown to become almost 20 times more populous and almost 10 times more wealthy than their former colonial rulers. Brazil has a lot to celebrate and you can be sure that they will do it well, so join the party sporting your own personalized version of one of our Brazil Flag and Map T-Shirts.

Other notable national days in September are listed below.
Sep 1: Independence Day in Uzbekistan, National Day in Libya and Constitution Day in Slovakia
Sep 2: National Day in Vietnam
Sep 6: Independence Day in Swaziland
Sep 7: Independence Day in Brazil
Sep 8: Independence Day in Macedonia, National Day in North Korea and Our Lady of Meritxell Day in Andorra
Sep 9: Independence Day in Tajikistan
Sep 12: National Day in Cape Verde
Sep 15: Independence Day in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua
Sep 16: Grito de Dolores in Mexico and Independence Day in Papua New Guinea
Sep 18: National Day in Chile
Sep 19: Independence Day in Saint Kitts and Nevis
Sep 21: Independence Day in Malta and Belize
Sep 22: National Day in Mali
Sep 23: National Day in Saudi Arabia
Sep 24: Independence Day in Guinea-Bissau
Sep 30: Independence Day in Botswana

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