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2012 Olympics GDP Adjusted Medals Table Update

2012 Aug 05 22:07   category: World Affairs   author:  
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There’s been lots of movement in recent days in our 2012 Olympics GDP Adjusted Performance Ranking with Great Britain finally demonstrating host nation advantage, reaching second place in the rankings by the end of yesterday. North Korea however, in top spot from the first day courtesy of 3 weightlifting golds, has been hard to dislodge owing to their very low GDP. Today however, another contender emerged as Jamaica sprinted up the table to snatch second place. Kazakhstan, currently in 4th place, continue to perform well with the remarkable distinction that all of the 6 medals they have won have been gold! While little separates China and the USA as they contend to head the traditional medals table, it will be hard for the latter to surpass the former if adjustment is made for GDP (they lie 5th and 9th respectively in our adjusted ranking).

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