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Novel Gifts for the 2011 Holiday Season

2011 Oct 26 16:14   category: Latest News   author:  
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It’s the same challenge every holiday season – how to find gifts that are affordable but a little bit special and different. It’s a problem that FlagAndMap wants to help you solve. We’ve recently introduced some new products that make ideal gifts, such as necklaces, ties and gift boxes. This is of course in addition to our perennial best sellers such as t-shirts and mugs.

The especially nice thing about all of these items is that not only are the designs targeted to a particular nationality or heritage but they can also be personalized by the customer. All these products are offered through the Zazzle print on demand platform which readily allows the purchaser to add their own text (or even images) at no extra cost. So you can add a name or a message to the design, which gives your gift that extra special touch and solves the problem of finding something unique.

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