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2012 Olympics: Final GDP Adjusted Medals Ranking

2012 Aug 13 11:59   category: World Affairs   author:  
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It’s been a magnificent 2 weeks of sport, efficiently organized, well supported and highly competitive. Congratulations to all those involved in the London 2012 Olympics. Regarding our modest effort to add to the fun, the final standings are now available in our 2012 Olympics GDP Adjusted Medals Table. Just as they did in 2008, Jamaica win by a comfortable margin. Grenada won just one medal, but it was gold and from such a low GDP base that’s enough to place them second. In third place, with a remarkable host nation effort, are Great Britain. Russia should probably beat Great Britain on raw medals value but they have a higher GDP and so take fourth place in our ranking. Meanwhile the two great rivals for supremacy in the standard table, China and the USA, lie 14th and 15th respectively, with China outdoing the USA by just two ranking points. In other rivalries congratulations go to New Zealand for beating Australia, Germany for beating France and North Korea for beating South Korea. Check out the complete ranking to see how your nation fared. It’s been fun and we look foward to trying to level the playing field yet again for the 2013 World Athletics Championships in Moscow.

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