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2012/05 National Days

2012 Apr 26 11:00   category: Latest News   author:  
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May 14th is Independence Day in Paraguay, commemorating an uprising that overthrew the Spanish Authority in 1811. Paraguayans are famed for holding the world record for an open air barbecue so it is likely that they celebrate their independence in style. You too can join the festivities in style by wearing one of our Paraguay Flag and Map T-Shirts.

Other notable national days in May are listed below.
May 1: Constitution Day in the Marshall Islands
May 3: Constitution Day in Poland
May 5: Liberation Day in the Netherlands
May 14: Independence Day in Paraguay
May 17: Constitution Day in Norway
May 20: National Day in Cameroon and Independence Day in East Timor
May 22: Unity Day in Yemen
May 24: National Day in Eritrea
May 25: Independence Day in Jordan and National Day in Argentina
May 26: First Republic Day in Georgia
May 28: National Day in Ethiopia, Republic Day in Armenia and Republic Day in Azerbaijan
May 29: Democracy Day in Nigeria

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