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2011/01: National Days

2011 Jan 09 19:48   category: Latest News   author:  
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We’re a little slow off the mark with our round-up of national days in January 2011, so we hope you found enjoyable ways to celebrate with Samoans, Sudanese, Cubans or Haitians on January 1st. For upcoming dates check out the unique and customizable gifts that FlagAndMap offers to help make celebrations a bit more special for friends from these countries.
Jan 1, Independence Day in Samoa
Jan 1, Independence Day in Sudan
Jan 1, Liberation Day in Cuba
Jan 1, National Day in Haiti
Jan 8, Commonwealth Day in the Northern Marianas
Jan 26, Australia Day in Australia
Jan 26, Republic Day in India
Jan 28, Pakistan Day in Pakistan
Jan 31, National Day in Nauru

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