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Introducing our ‘Nations’ pages

2009 Jun 10 15:10   category: Latest News   author:  
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If you go to our Search by Nation webpage you’ll notice that most of the links take you to our store at Zazzle where you can browse, customize and purchase products for the selected nation. However, you’ll also find that some of the links take you first to a FlagAndMap webpage dedicated to that nation. The page for Bulgaria is a good example. These pages comprise links to both products and information for the selected nation. Of course that includes links to our own products but there are also links to products from other designers with a connection to that nation. More than that though you’ll find links to general national information, relevant blogs by nationals or ex-pats, selected music from that nation, national publications and appropriate interest groups.

We hope you’ll find these pages useful and by all means contact us if you have observations regarding their content. Populating these pages is a time-consuming process so please be patient if we have not yet completed one for the nation of interest to you.

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