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CWG 2010 Final GDP Adjusted Ranking

2010 Oct 15 09:58   category: World Affairs   author:  
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The 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi have now ended and congratulations are due to India not only for hosting a successful event but also for their fine performance at the Games, which saw them place second in the official medals table, where gold medals outrank any number of silvers or bronzes.

In addition to enjoying the Games we’ve remained captivated by the competitive dynamic of our GDP Adjusted Medals Ranking. The aim was to create a performance ranking that represented a more equitable relative comparison between participants regardless of their human or financial resources. In this we reckon to have been largely successful as both small and large nations have had a degree of success in our ranking. Tiny Nauru won after winning one gold and one silver, which truly is an exceptional achievement for such a small nation. In a similar way Samoa placed second by winning three golds and a bronze. By any measure Australia continues to excel in multi-sports competitions and even after a large 3.16 ‘GDP Factor’ adjustment they still secured third place in our ranking. They were, however, nearly caught by Kenya, who ended fourth after some exceptional track performances. Following Kenya in our ranking there wasn’t much to choose between England, India and New Zealand, who finished in that order.

We congratulate all the participants in these Games and look forward to applying this methodolgy to future multinational sports events such as the Olympics.

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