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This is a hub page for some materials and information that you might find useful. First is a list of important annual events happening around the world including most national days and major religious festivals - a great resource when connecting with overseas contacts. Following is a list of featured websites that we have found helpful or interesting. Next is a global trivia game that you might enjoy playing. Finally there is our analysis of the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics results when accounting for national GDP - how did the national teams really fare?

World Events

Our listing of national days and major world events helps ensure timely communication with foreign friends and overseas contacts. Determine the most appropriate day to send a gift or a greeting.

World Events Snapshot

Featured Websites

A list of useful and interesting websites including design resources related to flags and maps, selected designer galleries and other sites of interest to the global citizen.

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Global Trivia

A short global trivia quiz devised by us, in which you can test your knowledge of random facts extracted from various places around the world.

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Olympics Revisited

Our GDP adjusted Olympics ranking offering a fresh look at how the national teams performed when the relative strength of national resources has been taken into account.

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