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FlagAndMap designs are available on an ever growing range of household products. We currently offer mugs, plates, coasters, napkins, throw pillows, clocks, gift boxes, tiles and ornaments. Our core designs, a carefully resized national flag or an elegantly positioned relief map, are available on most of these products. Our more recent multihued flag designs are available on the drinkware. All products can be customized by adding your own text or images at no extra cost.

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We sell seven types of mug. As well as a classic white mug there are the ringer and the two-tone, both of which come in multiple colors. The morphing mug is black when cold but whitens and reveals its design when warmed. The stein makes great barware and the travel mug is ideal for your commute. Finally a frosted glass style is perfect for chilled drinks.

Malta Flag Map Mug Puerto Rico Flag Map Mug Sweden Multihue Flags Mug


Versatile and rugged 25cm melamine plates feature either the national flag reshaped in a fisheye fashion to fit the surface or a country relief map centered over a powder blue background.

Brunei Flag Plate Japan Map Plate South Africa Flag Plate


Three designs are currently available on these high-gloss 10cm coasters. For the nation of your choice you can select from either a fitted national flag, a relief map over a flag-color background or an inset flag with editable text ready for your own unique message.

Australia Flag eText Coaster Uganda Map Coaster Portugal Flag Coaster


We currently offer only a fitted national flag design for napkins. These machine washable cotton napkins come in two sizes, either 50cm (dinner) or 30cm (cocktail). The perfect item to accompany your international cuisine.

Mexico Flag Napkin Croatia Flag Napkin Ethiopia Flag Napkin


Also so far featuring only the one design, the national flag fitted to a square pillow. These throw pillows or cushions are available in cotton or polyester and alternative sizes.

Sri Lanka Flag Pillow New Zealand Flag Pillow Ireland Flag Plate


A relief map of your selected country over a light blue background will adorn the face of this battery operated clock. Notice how the geographic design theme is pursued by replacing the hour marks with compass points. Available either as a 27cm square version or a choice of round sizes (20cm or 27cm diameter).

South Africa Map Clock Tunisia Map Clock France Map Clock

Gift Boxes

These 13cm square gift boxes come in four different types of lacquered wood. Designs featured on the top tile are either a fitted national flag or a relief map with a flag-color background.

Greece Map Gift Box Turkmenistan Flag Gift Box Qatar Map Gift Box


Whether used as trivets or as a decorative accents these vibrant 11cm square tiles are sure to stand out. Select either a reshaped national flag or country relief map design.

Taiwan Map Tile Bhutan Flag Tile Romania Map Tile


Both sides of these ornaments feature the national flag reshaped in a fisheye manner to fit the circular surface. A strand of gold colored thread is affixed to these 7cm ceramic ornaments.

Guyana Flag Ornament UK Flag Ornament Lesotho Flag Ornament