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New Map + Flags Designs

2010 Jun 21   category: Latest News   author:  

We recently added some fresh designs to the FlagAndMap range. The central element of these national designs is a physical map of the country. This is surrounded by a decorative border featuring the national flag. Currently these designs can be found on our range of bags with international designs. As ever bags are available in a number of styles including tiny, impulse, budget, grocery and jumbo totes. These new designs are also available on magnets and will be available on other products in the future. A few examples are shown below:

Australia Map Flags BagBolivia Map Flags BagCote d'Ivoire Map Flags BagBosnia Map Flags MagnetMexico Map Flags Magnet

FlagAndMap adds new Bumper Stickers

2010 May 30   category: Latest News   author:  

The range of FlagAndMap Bumper Stickers has recently been expanded, offering a choice of designs with which to promote your favorite nation or support your national team during upcoming international sports competitions. All designs incorporate the popular motifs found on most of our products, namely authentic national flags or decorative flag hearts plus relief maps of the country.

Bumper stickers use durable water resistant 4mil vinyl and are fade resistant. As ever there are no minimum quantities and your order will be shipped in 24hrs. Here are some design examples:

Honduras Flag Map Bumper StickerBrazil Flag Map Bumper StickerPortugal Flag Map Bumper StickerGhana Flag Map Bumper StickerAustralia Flag Map Bumper Sticker

2010 Calendar Mouse Pads

2009 Dec 04   category: Latest News   author:  

Recently created 2010 Calendar Mouse Pads make ideal gifts for this time of year. We have versions for each nation featuring a flag and map design surrounded by the 2010 calendar. Perfect for keeping your dates straight while surfing the internet.
Here are a few examples:

Australia Flag Map 2010 Calendar MousepadSri Lanka Flag Map 2010 Calendar MousepadQatar Flag Map 2010 Calendar MousepadZambia Flag Map 2010 Calendar MousepadMacedonia Flag Map 2010 Calendar Mousepad

Organize with FlagAndMap Ring Binders

2009 Oct 30   category: Latest News   author:  

Ring Binders are the latest addition to our product range. These come in three ring sizes, 1″, 1.5″ and 2″ and start at $18.95. They are of course perfect for organizing paper based products. Flagandmap customers will find them useful for travel scrapbooks, photo albums, school geography projects and similar creative ideas. The designs on our binders feature national maps composed of flag hearts and are, as ever, customizable so you could replace the front image with one of your own choosing – a favorite travel photo perhaps. Here are a few examples:

Denmark Flag Hearts Map Ring BinderGreece Flag Hearts Map Ring BinderItaly Flag Hearts Map Ring BinderSpain Flag Hearts Map Ring BinderUkraine Flag Hearts Map Ring Binder

Two New Personalised Mug Designs

2009 Sep 15   category: Latest News   author:  

Two new designs of customizable mug have been added to our European collection. These are template products, which make it easy to substitute your own text for the placeholder text. Substitute the name of a person or organization plus a special message or anniversary details to create a personalized gift or commemorative item.

The first design features a flag-colored map on one side with your text on the other side while the second features a map of flag hearts on one side with your text on the other side.

Flag-color Map Mug Side #1Flag-color Map Mug Side #2Flag Hearts Map Mug Side #1Flag Hearts Map Mug Side #2

Introducing Flagnostic

2009 Jun 24   category: Latest News   author:  

We’re pleased to announce a cooperative marketing arrangement with, Flagnostic, a store that also sells products with designs based on world flags. Their t-shirts, mugs, hats, magnets, etc. feature gnarly national flag designs for every nation. We like their name and we like their designs. Here is their shop banner, which gives an idea of the kind of designs you might currently find there.

flagnostic gifts with flag designs store banner

You can check them out at

Bumper Stickers for European Nations

2009 Jun 16   category: Latest News   author:  

Recently we created bumper stickers with flag and map designs for every European nation. Each carries the country name in english plus the text ‘adventure destination’. As ever, you have the option to replace that text with your own before you buy.

As an example here is the bumper sticker for Romania

romania flag map bumper sticker

What’s New! – new products, latest offers, website enhancements

2009 Jun 10   category: Latest News   author:  

Want to keep track of what’s new at FlagAndMap? You’ve come to the right place! Stay informed about new products, current promotions and website enhancements. Be sure to use the ‘Latest News’ RSS feed for effortless monitoring of this information.

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